Exotic Car Rental Miami

Exotic Car Rental Miami

When traveling to Miami, if you require an exotic car rental Miami or luxury car rental Miami vehicle during your stay, chose Exotic Car Express. We have one of the finest and largest fleets available in South Florida. We provide 24/7 concierge-level service with pick up and drop off at Miami International Airport, your office or your home.

Exotic Car Rental Miami

We have hundreds of vehicles to choose from. If you don’t see the vehicle that you wish to reserve on our site, ask us. We strive to provide the best rental experience at the most reasonable prices.

Don’t leave your exotic or luxury vehicle rental to chance. We specialize in ensuring that all our customers are provided with the vehicle that they request and that their experience is of the utmost quality.

For frequent travelers, ask about our package discounts and other membership benefits.

Finding the Finest Miami Luxury and Exotic Rental Cars: Exotic Car Express

If you hail from the southeastern city in Florida, and you want to express your tastes or experience the great driving moments, renting a luxury or exotic car can be a great idea. You may find the need to do so on a special day or occasion such as a date, your wedding, a birthday party, a corporate event, a prom, or any other day you consider important. Exotic and luxury cars come in various make and models and there are a number of factors to consider before renting one. One of the most important among these is the luxury car rental Miami Company you choose to rent from. This is because it will determine the level of comfort and luxury you get to enjoy, the amount you spend on the rental car, your safety, convenience and much more. But what are some of the advantages of renting a luxury or exotic car? And what qualities make a great luxury car service or Lamborghini rental Miami Company?

Benefits of Renting a Luxury or Exotic Car Rental Miami
Driving an exotic or luxury car is a rare privilege, especially considering how costly most of these models are. The driving experience, the accessories they are fitted with, the design, look and feel; most of the features in these cars are an engineering marvel. There are numerous advantages of renting one in Miami. Some of them include:

Renting Is Better and Worth It – One for sure is that you don’t have to wait until you save enough to drive a Lamborghini or a Bentley. Whether this is your dream car or not, it is worth spending money to taste the experience. Doing so can, after all, motivate to do more and get yourself one in future. Another advantage is that there are different models and makes of exotic and luxury cars, whose prices vary depending on factors such as features, accessories and most importantly, the Miami luxury cars rental company you choose to work with. But one thing for sure is that renting is better than buying. exoticarexpress.com is one of the leading companies in Miami, providing the finest exotic and luxury car brands and models at highly affordable rates that are budget friendly as well.

You Enjoy Cars In Top Form – There’s no point in driving in a luxury car that is not in top shape. If you rent from a reliable company, on the other hand, you are more assured of a smooth ride to your occasion venue or destination, since the best always strive to keep their luxury or exotic fleet in top condition.

Driving a Luxury Or Exotic Car Is Fun – If you like slow, comfy and stylish, a luxury car can be perfect for you. If on the other hand you are more into speed and great performance, then an exotic car can be the real deal for you. Either way; driving an exotic or luxury car is both fun and satisfying and renting one is the easiest way of enjoying your fun moments.

Qualities That Make a Great Exotic Car Rental Miami Service

• Wide Variety of Exotic Vehicles and Miami Luxury Rental Cars
We all have our own tastes and preferences when it comes to fast and luxurious cars. Some are for small fast, sports cars while others consider stylish and elegant models. The size, color, model, brand and make are also important factors to think about when going for luxury car rental in Miami. To ensure that you get and pick your preferred taste, be sure to look for one from a company that has a wide variety of options to choose from. This being the case, exoticarexpress.com is a well-known specialist in concierge and car rental services in Miami and surrounding regions where you will have your preferences taken care of. If you are into big luxury vehicles, the Range Rover 2015 HSE is just one among the many options available in their fleet showroom. If you’d rather go for a fast sports exotic car, there are various brands and makes to choose from, including the Chevrolet 2014 Camaro RS Convertible, Chevrolet 2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible, Ferrari 2015 458 Spider Convertible, Ferrari 2016 California Convertible, Bentley 2015 Continental GT, the Cadillac 2015 Escalade ESV, and many more, not forgetting models such as the BMW 2015 640i M Package Convertible, Jaguar 2014 XF, Lamborghini 2014 Gallardo LP550, Lamborghini 2014 Huracan LP 610 4 2015, Porsche 2017 Carrera 4S Cabriolet, and Porsche 2014 Panamera S Sedan, just to mention a few. Take your time when selecting your vehicle of choice, so as to enjoy your experience of a lifetime.

Exotic Car Rental Miami | What is the difference between Luxury and Exotic cars? In most cases, the two phrases (luxury car and exotic car) are used synonymously depending on the context of information. However, the two have a number of distinctive features that make them different. While luxury cars are mostly built with comfort, power, and convenience in mind; exotic cars are made for high speed, great performance, style, and reliability. It is thus important to figure out the main attributes you need before going for exotic or luxury models.

• Cost Competitive Offers
One of the main reasons why some people opt to go for luxury rental cars Miami is that enough cash to purchase one may not always be available. Even if one can afford a certain exotic or luxury car, they may not be able to buy all the luxury or exotic makes or models available in the market. The same case applies to renting a car. There is a saying that goes like, you get what you pay for’, but this may not be the case with all luxury cars rentals Miami companies. Assuming that you’ve done your research well and it led you to choose a company such as exoticarexpress.com, it is important to understand that how much you pay for Miami luxury rental cars will depend on the type, model and make you select. In other words, different cars cost differently to rent. Exoticarexpress.com is a reliable and cost competitive luxury and exotic car rental Miami service where you can get your desired ride on a relatively fair price to match your budget. Unlike other car rental services, we do not have hidden fees or unexplained charges. All the involved costs for renting your exotic or luxury car models are clearly defined and further explanations and clarifications provided in the case as an esteemed client you’d like more information.

• Easy Booking
After you’ve identified your preferred model and decided on renting it for an occasion or traveling adventure, placing reservations from luxury cars Miami rental agency should not at all be a lengthy process. However, different Miami exotic car rental Miami companies have different procedures and their own policies when it comes to booking. The procedure may also vary depending on whether or not it is your first time to rent a luxury car or exotic car in Miami with an agency such as exoticarexpress.com. If you are a first time customer, it is always advisable to visit the showroom and probably inspect the vehicle you are about to hire personally or send a representative to ensure that it is in good form. Through this, you also get to scrutinize that the luxurious features are functional and that the vehicle specifications are as advertised on the agency website. Some companies also require scrutinizing your driver’s license as well as perform a background check on your driving history before allowing you, especially for exotic car rental Miami. Either way, the booking process should be easy and not too much involving, especially when renting for a second and consecutive time. Renting a luxury car at exoticarexpress.com only takes as much as a phone call. Call (305) 705-0505, (888) 396-8422 and book your favorite ride within minutes from a reliable rental fleet service provider.

• Fair Terms for Miami Luxury Car Rental
When you have a big event or wedding party to attend, nothing is more satisfying than attending the occasion in your dream car. If you go for a Jaguar 2014 XF, Ferrari 2015 458 Spider Convertible, or even Chevrolet 2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible so that you show up to the event in style and express your taste, the rental exotic or luxury car is considered on your hands until you return it to the company. Most companies for luxury car rentals in Miami request for a security deposit before allowing you the honor, which is refundable upon the return of the vehicle. However, some of them often charge you for damages and any messes that may befall the vehicle while under your possession. For instance, returning the vehicle with broken head lights, dented body or torn seats may attract some fee to cater for repair and reconditioning. There are also some specific guidelines stating how accident issues are handled. In case you return the vehicle at a date or time later than the deadline agreed upon, this may also attract some charges in penalties. The important thing is to take caution when renting a car from the specific company and be sure to understand the terms and conditions governing the contract before appending your signature. As you compare the terms and conditions, Exotic Car Express is one of the best dealers of exotic car rental Miami Beach and the rest of Miami, whose car rental terms and policies are fair and considerate.

• Customized Options
Nothing is as important as fulfilling a purpose or succeeding on an obligation. If you are looking to impress a gathering in an event by showing up in style, renting an exotic car such as the Bentley 2015 Continental GT, a Porsche 2017 Carrera 4S Cabriolet, or even a Lamborghini 2014 Gallardo LP550 can be a great idea. These vehicles are also designed for speed and great performance apart from showbiz. The BMW 2015 640i M Package Convertible or perhaps the Range Rover 2015 HSE can be perfect for an event such as a wedding or corporate occasion..

luxury car rental miami

At the end of the day, however, it all depends on your tastes and preference and whether you will fulfill your purpose. Great Miami car rental luxury dealers provide fleet options that are customized for such events and also arrange chauffeured services for their clients. These may include incorporating features that will match the theme of the occasion, the season, environment and much more. They ensure that in case you are looking for an exotic car for the bride or groom to be driven in, for instance, the rental car will come out of the showroom looking indeed like the bride’s or groom’s car. Here are some examples of the customized fleet options you can find from the best luxury cars rental Miami companies.

• Wedding Luxury Rental Cars
• Executive Rental Luxury Cars
• Holiday Luxury Rental Cars
• Party Exotic Rental Cars
• Party Lamborghini rental Miami
• Prom Night Luxury Rental Cars
• Convertible Exotic Rental Cars for Events
• And much more!
If in need of customized options Miami exotic car rentals, Exotic Car Express can be the perfect place to look for these and more.

• Experienced in Exotic Car Rentals Services
Experience is for sure the best teacher that one can ever get. The length of time in which a company has been in business offering commendable services and products to its clients to some extent translates to how good they are in their specialization. Considering that rental cars are meant to be handled by different individuals from time to time, they demand frequent professional inspections and expert servicing to ensure that they always stay in good form in between hires. An experienced company knows just how to keep the vehicle in good shape and form. Fleet hire companies with immense experience in the industry are in most cases better connected than new entrants in the field. They hire the best auto mechanics, chauffeurs, and servicemen. They keep abreast with technologies in the automotive industry and are the first to include new models for luxury and exotic cars into their fleet upon release. They are also more reliable since they have been in business for long. Renting a luxury car or exotic ride for the night or weekend is more comforting and you can do it with more confidence since you will be dealing with a well-established firm. If an experienced luxury car rentals Miami company is what you are looking for, you can have confidence in a company like exoticarexpress.com.

• Reputable Exotic Car Rental Miami Firm
Reputation is a crucial factor when deciding on which luxury rental car Miami service to rent your desire exotic or luxury ride from. There are various reputation issues when it comes to car rental companies. For instance, it would be unadvisable to rent a car from a company that is known to handle their customers badly or one with a history of imposing hidden charges on their customers at the last minute. An exotic car rentals Miami company whose cars have a history of being involved in accidents also puts it in the bad light. One might question the condition and form of their cars or even the qualification of their drivers in case they provide chauffeur services for their car rental clients. One good way to find out about the reputational status of a car rental firm is to ask around, do online searches and look at their website to see if they have any negative customer testimonials. Social networking platforms, blog networks, and local online listing websites can also be helpful when looking for a reputable agency to rent your dream car from. exoticarexpress.com is one of the most reputable firms providing a good variety of Miami luxury rental cars and exotic car rental Miami models at relatively affordable rates.

• State Certified Service And Insured
As a matter of fact, this should have been point number one. It is important to first confirm that an exotic car rental Miami company is a well-known, certified and registered business entity before deciding to spend your money to rent your dream car from them. Especially if you are doing the transaction online, confirming that the business has a physical office location in Miami or surrounding areas are crucial. Before deciding to rent an exotic or luxury car from such a company, always make it your responsibility to determine whether they are insured and bonded. Ask yourself what the stakes are, just in case you get involved in a road crash or accident with their vehicle. Will you be required to cater for any expenses or even pay for the damages? Exotic Car Express is a well-known state certified service to consider whenever looking for a memorable car rental Miami luxury experience. They are insured and have great reliable car rental services you can enjoy.

• Numerous Luxurious Features for Their Car Rentals
As much as they are called luxury cars, some of them are more luxurious than others. In this case, it all depends on the luxury features the vehicle is equipped with, along with the design, and comfort levels it provides. When choosing the ideal company for Miami luxury rental cars, do not forget to consider the specifications for each of their vehicles, think about the luxurious features installed and consider whether you will be getting what you actually pay for. The following are some important features that would make you want to consider a car as a luxurious one.

• The brand and model make it a luxury car (renowned)
• The vehicle has a stylish and attractive design
• The interior design is well finished
• The seats are padded with highly comfortable material and have leather casing
• It is equipped with a with a highly functional air conditioning system
• It is equipped with GPS system and smart functions
• Has high-tech entertainment features
• Internet connectivity (Wi-Fi)
• Other luxury features such as convertible body, stylish doors and much more.

Exotic Car Rental Miami | It may not be easy to list down all the features that can make a car be considered as luxurious but the above pointers are just some examples of what to consider apart from just the name of a vehicle. This is because the best companies for luxury rental cars in Miami go the extra mile of equipping their vehicles with additional features on top of the ones installed by the manufacturer. As a matter of fact, some models are custom-ordered from the producer to enhance user experience. Exotic Car Express is a good example of car rental companies in Miami that go the extra mile to enhance comfort, safety and luxury for their customer. To rent an exotic model or luxury car from them, just call (305) 705-0505, (888) 396-8422 or visit their website on exoticarexpress.com for more information about them and the fleet options they have in store for you.

Convenient Area of Coverage
If you live in Miami and surrounding areas, you might want to get Miami car rentals luxury services from a company that is easily accessible and one that offers provides luxury and exotic cars as well as associated services within the area. You do not want to travel miles away from your home or workplace, just to rent a car. You may want to get the vehicle delivered to your doorstep instead. This is the convenience offered by some of the best companies such as exoticcarexpress.com.

Where Exotic Car Express Operates
As one of the leading Miami luxury car rentals companies, Exotic Car Express provides a wide variety of the finest rental luxury and exotic cars in the greater Miami, as well as areas such as Beverly Hills, Burbank, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Hamptons, Los Angeles, Malibu, Naples, Orlando, West Palm Beach, and surrounding areas. Some of the most popular cars at Exotic Car Express include the famous Audi Spyder, Bentley Continental GT, BMW Convertible, Cadillac Escalade ESV, Chevrolet RS and Stingray Convertibles, Ferrari Spider and California Convertibles, Jaguar 2014 XF, Lamborghini and Huracan, Porsche Carrera 4S Cabriolet, Porsche Panamera S Sedan and Boxster GTS, Range Rover 2015 HSE and many more. Service is available around the clock and only a phone call away. Call Exotic Car Express today on (305) 705-0505, (888) 396-8422 to book or get more details on the fleet as well as exotic car rental in Miami services.

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